one of the best things about working in marketing is, being successful doesn't require you to act like a grown up. so when the chicago children's museum invited us to help promote an upcoming exhibit, it didn't take long to wrap our heads around the target audience.

the exhibit is called Forts! it was really nice working on something containing an explanation point that wasn't NEW! or its cousin, IMPROVED! truly an awesome name for an even awesomer exhibit.

i worked on the project with the exceptionally talented chris berry, principal of I Like You Graphik and founder/president of Ivory High Rise. chris created the logo, and we did ads, on-premise ideas, even press releases. the campaign talks about the fact that everyone is invited to visit Forts! except Alexander's big brother Doug, because as Alexander says, "Doug ruins everything."

assuming 1) you have a child and 2) you're not Doug, kindly check out Forts! opening this saturday, september 19.

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