speaking pidgin binary

we're doing quite a few fun digital projects at work these days because that's what digital agencies do, you know. one of the biggest ongoing considerations we have is, how technically savvy is the audience? i'm guessing the question wasn't debated enough in south bend.

on the scoreboard saturday, right between the huge Notre Dame logo (to remind us where we were) and the huge NBC logo (to remind us why the game's taking so long), the following messages kept appearing consecutively:

MESSAGE 1: report issues
MESSAGE 2: send "text" to 41515
MESSAGE 3: Irish space location

having read articles about how sporting events are now allowing people to anonymously text security if someone near them is being disorderly, i am guessing that's what the scoreboard's trying to say. it'd be interesting to know if anyone else could decipher it, or if they had to resort to the old fashioned way of asking someone to watch their mouth because children are present.

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