the first in a series of one

nothing worse than starting a "series" and never finishing it. (exhibit A: the still-unfinished 140 characters of twitter series.) so instead of promising a weekly breakdown of opponents of the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State, let's just enjoy this one and see if others come along, shall we?

Montana State University at Michigan State
Opponent's Marketing Overview:
- tagline: mountains & minds. (yes, they have a tagline. and yes, "minds" comes second.)
- official colors are known as PMS 124 and PMS 281, which makes michigan state's "go green, go white" cheer seem brilliant by comparison.
- logo is practically an identical twin of the carolina panthers'.
- university initials render "MSU" chant confusing and/or ineffective.
- website doesn't have "athletics" on the main nav, showing a clear lack of dedication to screwing up their student athletes' lives.
- nickname is the Bobcats. in native mythology, bobcats are associated with wind and fog, neither of which are good at football.
- should team be following the countdown ticker on their website, the team will forfeit the game, as the ticker is 3 hours behind.

Prediction: michigan state by 85.

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