the first in a series of one

it's time for the second consecutive first ever marketing breakdown of this week's opponent of the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State.

Central Michigan University at Michigan State
Opponent's Marketing Overview:

- if you include the upper peninsula of michigan, the location of school isn't actually in central michigan at all, but rather in south-central michigan. so name is misleading. it's akin to pizza hut selling pasta.
- CMU's team nickname is Chippawas. however, the Chippawa tribe is alternately known as the Ojibwa tribe, creating confusion in the marketplace.
- home field of CMU has the giggle-inducing name, Kelly/Shorts Stadium.
- CMU athletic director signed contract with adidas to provide CMU uniforms with "consistency all across the board." he came from the university of oregon which has 384 combinations of uniforms.
- former team nickname was the Dragons, which were apparently indigenous to the south-central michigan region.
- logo know as "action C" (as if you couldn't tell)
- in recent article of top Chippewa games ever, huge upsets of Beloved Spartans in 1990 and 1991 were only ranked 2 and 3.

Prediction: michigan state by 2 or 3.

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