makin' time for other blogs

one of my two readers is a swell fellow named greg christensen. greg was the first writer we had the good sense to hire at hadrian's wall way back when. greg's in geneva switzerland these days, but he just dropped me a note saying he'd forwarded my Digg post of 2 days ago (i'd link, but you should get out and scroll now and then) to seth godin. seth liked the post, which means he and i have at least one thing in common.

more importantly, hearing from greg prompted me to check out the latest on a couple blogs he maintains, makin' ads and great creative, neutral country. i was quickly reminded that i should check them out more often, as every time i do, i see or learn something really terrific. sometimes, it's within a post:

and sometimes, it's a link to a previously unseen site like Ironic Sans, which leads to things like this:

either way, i'm going to try and check them out more often. my other reader would be wise to do the same.

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