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today is Follow Up Day, as we follow up on a post from a month or so ago titled "a band you can trust." i won't rehash the story. it's linked, if you forgot it.

the rural alberta advantage update:

what you see is the empty stage at schubas from last night. it's empty not because the rural alberta advantage was done playing, but because they were playing their encore in the middle of the audience. truly an excellent band and even better show.

the con man update:
the friend who was ripped off by the con man actually ran into him again. the guy apologized that the CD he gave out last time was blank, then proceeded to give my friend another blank CD. not being one to take that sitting down, my friend has put together a flier with a picture of the guy. no word on if he's been caught.

thee invaders update:
the long-promised CD (see the follow-up post here) finally arrived, and it was fun to listen to. see? some bands really can be trusted.

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