oh monsieur

it's not like putting a mustache on the mona lisa, but i was disappointed to see how far cirque du soleil (that's french, ftr) has gone to try and broaden its appeal. yesterday, people were handed bananas with stickers on them advertising a new vaudville show by cirque du soleil. even worse, the street team handing them out had physiques you'd never really associate with cirque du soleil, if you know what i mean. and the name... oh, the name. "Banana Shpeel." ouch. a redeeming quality is the website, which has excellent functionality and even a weekly behind the scenes look at a show development. smart.

while i know cirque has come a looooong way from its origins, there are certain brands you wish had remained snooty, confusing and inaccessible. this is one of them.

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