"speaking of lingerie..."

yesterday's blog post referenced a lingerie shop ad. perhaps lingerie was just on my mind because as you probably heard, tonight is opening night for the Lingerie Football League. i admire their marketing prowess not because they had the brilliant, previously unheard-of idea of dressing women scantily. rather, it's because their season kickoff tailgate begins at 3pm today, and the game isn't until 9pm. six hours of tailgating. six hours. just typing that makes me smile. to put that in perspective, my alma mater Michigan State only opens tailgate lots 5 hours before their noon kickoff games. at lambeau field in green bay, lots open 4 hours before kickoff. sleazy women are not hard to find in this world, but a good, long tailgate? that's titanium.

BTW, FWIW, and FTR, the next time i have to give a speech, i'm going to start with the line, "speaking of lingerie..." i can't imagine 3 words that would better grab an audience's attention.

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