subtle branding effort

a former business partner of mine was a travel snob, which was great for anyone who traveled with him. because of his investigativeness, we would always stay in great little hotels, eat at hidden gems of restaurants, and even fly on the newest, shiniest, freshest-smelling planes.

i always wondered if plane manufacturers couldn't do a better job of making their brands known. it's on the side of planes and of course on online reservation engines, but i pay little attention to either. on a flight to LA yesterday, however, i noticed my window shade had a little McDonnell Douglass logo on the handle. it was a nice, subtle way to get the brand across. from now on, i'll think of McDonnell Douglass whenever i have 1) a kind of uncomfortable seat and 2) a woman refilling my orange juice every 5 minutes.


jim courtright said...

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Jim Courtright

15 ideas said...

surely, you can find better role model, jim. as for blog formats, i go with blogger myself. messing with a couple wordpress sites as well, but prefer blogger so far. any other q's? just ax.