URL lessons from the Ukranians

was in a lil' bakery in the Ukrainian Village (or Uki-V) the other eve celebrating my 13-year anniversary. i know, seems like yesterday, right? anyway, the bakery was called Letizia's, but it's not the name i found memorable - it was their URL: superyummy.com. with most online users starting their browsing through a search engine (i think 67% is the latest stat), a brand's URL is becoming less important. but as the folk at Letizia's realized, it's just one more way to be memorable.

that, and the white chocolate cake.


Bob Merlotti said...

I'm a fan of arbitrary neighborhood Chicago cutoffs (good real estate agents can extend Lincoln Park all the way to Western). I'd put that side of Division in Wicker Park. In fact, there used to a great sign in the bakery saying something like "Wicker Park translator: venti = large, grande = medium, tall = small."

Megan Colleen said...

Happy 13!