when truth mattered, but less so

the internets, she has brought us many a splendorous thing, not the least of which is the ability to order a pizza without suffering the hardship of having to reach for your phone. from a macro level, it has brought about a level of candor and transparency to the way companies conduct business. and while that is certainly something to be celebrated, what's lost is the art of telling the bald-faced lie.

the subject was brought up recently as i saw this point-of-sale material (or as it used to be known, a "sign"). it's for iroquois cigars, and as the sign proclaims, they're "sweet as a nut." having unleashed this utter BS on the world, the writer was clearly feeling his oats, because he followed it up with the subhead, "made in the most sanitary conditions." i s'pose if one believes a 5¢ cigar can be sweet as a nut, believing it was made in only the finest of conditions isn't much of a stretch.

like most things in life, the era of false claims always reminds me of guinness. it was guinness' old posters that inspired a tagline i one presented to a beer client. to emphasize the full-bodied taste of a beer they were introducing, the line was: "There's a sandwich in every glass."

alas, positioning a beer as a meal replacement was not viewed as sweet as a nut.

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