battle of the einstein brand

in the This Just In Department, a video isn't the secret to making a kid brilliant after all. ah, marketing. parents who bought their child baby einstein videos are now entitled to a full refund. while one could argue (and be very persuasive) that the whole incident reflects poorly on the gullible parents, i was more concerned about how it would reflect on people's image of albert einstein: brilliant mind, or shameless huckster?

not to worry. as halloween approaches, my 10-year old daughter has decided to forgo the bernie madoff masks and instead dress up as einstein "because he's cool." granted, the kid's a bit unusual. i'm not saying we're raising her sheltered, but i will say she's been asking about the horseless carriages that have been whizzing by the barn as she completes her afternoon chores of churning butter and tending to the oxen.

nevertheless, it's good to see einstein's image has come out unscathed.

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