the very latest first in a series of one

it's time for the fifth consecutive first ever marketing breakdown of this week's opponent of the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State. to be honest, just typing that again confuses me.

Michigan at Michigan State
Opponent's Marketing Overview:

i know i'm supposed to hate michigan, as they are the Beloved Spartans' big rivals. but i didn't grow up in the state of michigan, so i just wasn't born with the hate gene. it helps me review a well-marketed brand in an unbiased way.

- helmets - one of the university of michigan's most distinguished brand assets is their famous winged helmet. the design was blatantly stolen from princeton university. (the coach who started the design there later moved to michigan.)

- program - michigan has the winningest football program in the country. it's worth noting that many of these records were compiled when many other schools didn't have a football team, so records are quite skewed. as one of my friends frequently and irritatingly points out, the university of chicago has more big ten championships than michigan state, and they haven't played in the conference since 1946.

- block M - this simple logo is one of the most distinguishing in all the college landscape.

- colors - michigan's colors aren't just yellow and blue. they're maize and blue. much more ownable. other shades of yellow include lemon, flax, chartreuse yellow, and amber.

- fight song - the fight song is one of the most recognizable fight songs around, and as this child clearly shows, everyone likes it.

Prediction: even with an unbiased look at michigan's brand, it's difficult seeing the Beloved Spartans winning this one... by much. michigan state by 1 1/2.


Dan said...

Hi Kevin, I'm Dan. A short-time reader, first-time commenter, and fellow MSU grad. I was born in MI, but don't hate U of M either, unless they're playing MSU. Then the hate kicks in. They're playing in East Lansing, I'd give them more than a point and a half. Come on.

Side note: Chicagoans for Rio? Good stuff. And clearly, the IOC agreed.

randy said...

Hey marketing man...no need for the fraction when predicting college football scores...it isn't gymnastics. using your venue for my own prediction...the decibel level at spartan stadium around 3 pm edt tomorrow will rival that at daley plaza around noon cdt today.

Claudia said...

damn. I owe you a beer.

Wendy Kaplan said...

Hi Kevin -
Our paths have crossed on several occasions over the years - I'm in advertising, too. I went to U of M, and I don't hate MSU, not even on game day. I hate Ohio State on most days.

I think Sparty is one of the great, but under utilized mascots in all of college football. What else could you do with him? Do you think Michigan needs a mascot?

Wendy K.