the sixth consecutive first in a series of one

it's time for a marketing breakdown of this week's opponent of the Beloved Spartans of Michigan State.

Michigan State at Illinois
Opponent's Marketing Overview:

- today is the 99th homecoming in champaign, and illinois was one of the first universities to hold homecoming. marketingwise, homecoming is now recognized as an early form of CRM.

- illinois' team nickname is the fighting illini, which was chosen to either honor or insult the native americans who inhabited illinois before the rest of us came and built all the roads and buildings and whatnot.

- illinois' controversial mascot was Chief Illiniwek, who was retired from action in 2008. the last student to portray the chief was a native american named Dan Maloney.

- the illini's colors of orange and blue inspired the chicago bears to choose the same colors when their team formed.

- few people know that when properly pronounced, the name "illinois" rhymes with "stella artois." according to FTC's new guidlines, i must disclose that stella artois ("the beer for illinois") is indeed an official sponsor of this blog. however, it should be pointed out i was within these regulations way back in february, as this post clearly states.

- the March of the Illini, one of the many songs illinois plays, is so infectious, every time i hear it, i want to go hunt buffalo with kevin costner.

- lyrically, one of the illini's 3 or 4 fight song is one of the most defensive in the land. note that half the song is dedicated to other colleges' fight songs. click here to see.

Prediction: the illini are a mixed bag, branding-wise. but they're still trying to shake off the Chief controversy, so we're getting them while they're down. michigan state by 12.

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andrewk said...

excellent post. my illini wife appreciated the thorough write up.