so very close

this sign grabbed my attention and not just because it said "beer," though that always helps.

these days, marketers get a lot of grief for making up words. (see the latest mercedes work for example.) but there's a good reason to try and create territory you can own. so along comes miller lite, with their made-up term for irish people in chicago, Chirish. it even has a shield. it's cheesy, for sure. based on the number of t-shirts i've seen, it continues to gain in popularity - even when it's not st. patrick's day (217 days away, if you've lost count at home). aside from being insulting to some people, the issue i'd pick on is how blatant the brand has inserted itself: a big hunkin' miller lite logo right in the middle, with type almost as big as the name Chirish. it's not about trying to hide the brand's name. it's about balance.

in essence, the shield went from being a badge about heritage to being an ad. to be sure, some people will wear ads. more would've worn a badge.

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