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Pouring the perfect Stella Artois is key to enjoying the perfect Stella Artois. That’s why we developed our time honoured 9-Step ritual to help ensure that consumers everywhere are served with the same care, consideration and craftsmanship Stella Artois has exhibited in centuries of brewing.

Visit our site and scroll over each step or watch the video to learn more about the Stella Artois time-honoured 9-Step Pouring Ritual.


huh? said...

Cool site and I like the pour demonstration. Question for ya though: how come everything is 'time-honoured' upon its use in adverts? I've never heard of it before...not like I'm the Stella brew/pour master that should know it, of course. If it indeed IS 'time-honoured,' how bout a time line for its development? Just a thought...

15 ideas said...

ask for a timeline and ye shall receive:


it leaves out the marketing part, which is to say the good part. rumor has it, stella is the budweiser of belgium, and that it was performing quite averagely in england before it repositioned itself with a higher price, a smart tagline ("reassuringly expensive") and some wonderful ads to back it up. what you see now in the US is an extension of that, i think - turning the pour into an event a la guinness.

anyway, that's the rumor about its history. if there was some kind of world wide network of computers, i'd make sure the rumor's correct, but i think such a notion is purely future fantasyland.

huh? said...

I have heard that before....Stella is considered a garbage brew in Europe. Quite interesting how they were able to reposition from cold pee to expensive brew.

And poor communication on my part; While the Artois brewery does have an interesting timeline, dating back to 1366 per your link (TY), I meant the pour ritual (which does have plenty of info on the Googles but more of the competition for best pourer). I question how their pour is 'time honoured.' It can't just be so because they said so.

Two final points:
1) I never seen a bartender, in Chicago or anywhere, behead my Stella like that.
2) 'Ritual' is an interesting work choice. Conjures religious images in my head though maybe that's the point.

15 ideas said...

sorry for the delayed response - i'm just pacing myself.

yeah, i've never seen a beer beheading either. but i'm willing to bet somewhere in a brand manual back in the 1980's, a brand manual described the pour, which in the ad world qualifies it as "time honored." or "time honoured." whichever you prefer. as for the word Ritual, yup, that's the right conjurcation or whatever that word's supposed to be.