wisdom of crowds

ever since the kerfuffle over fake or coerced yelp reviews earlier this year, i've put even less stock in online reviews. but over the last couple weeks, i've landed in restaurants with rave reviews online that are actually worthy of rave reviews. i'd offer my own reviews, but when it comes to Yelp, i'm no Chloe S. so here are names and links of some semi-frou frou places worth checking out:

Over Easy Cafe

4943 N Damen. silly good breakfasts, ridiculous-but-worth-it waits.

Cosina Grill
1706 W Foster. mexican that's better than mamacita used to make. like dentist offices, it's BYOB.

Mercat a la Planxa
638 S Michigan. best catalonian food i ever had. as a bonus, check out the historical, revamped blackstone hotel where the restaurant's located. lovely.

rootstock wine & beer bar
954 N California. the people who gave us the webster wine bar just keep giving.


huh? said...

Crowds generally don't provide insightful commentary on a particular store/restaurant. There's really no good reason to believe them as a group. Then again, if the reviews skew towards positive (at least on Grubhub when I'm hungover), I'll try a place but it's certainly not the end all of a decision.

I wonder how the FTC intends to regulate online reviewers and posters as they are bloggers? Better watch out!

I think Chloe's plan is to provide as many reviews as possible to earn...something. Street cred? Free schwag?

BTW, you should try Glen's Diner @ Montrose Brown Line stop. Greatest. Breakfast. Ev-AH!

Found your blog recently, and I dig it...I may now be your 4th reader!

15 ideas said...

thanks for the comment, huh? i s'pose the fact that there are crowds outside applebees says everything one needs to know about their trustworthiness. haven't tried glen's yet, but will - thanks for the suggestion. and it's not that you aren't welcome or anything, but please don't read too regularly. i'm just worried about it being too crowded and all. tia.

huh? said...

Are you suggesting that Applebee's isn't good food? Suburban chains seem to be quite an apt example of the herd mentality. Whether it's Olive Gardan, Applebee's, Friday's, Chili's or Outback (though I quite like Outback if those the above are my choices), they're all crap in my opinion. I have my issues with the 'crowds are a good thing' argument. Too many arrive at...suburban chain restaurants. Then again, is that a product of lack of choices/variety or of genuine enthusiasm for the product/brand?

I feel like such an outsider. I don't mean to crowd the place, just enjoying your writing and your post on Chicagoans for Rio was downright hilarious and dead-on-balls accurate so I stuck around. The series of boring posts made me giggle, too, and I like giggling.