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well, the regular season comes to a close. and by regular, i mean the Beloved Spartans are again hovering around the .500 mark. if that's not regular, i don't know what is. in spite of the annual disappointment, we'll see these marketing breakdowns to the end.

Penn State at Michigan State
Opponent's Marketing Overview:

- marketing-wise, penn state is the unbranded, not fancy, just-get-the-job-done brand. their colors are blue and white. not a fancy name like "carolina blue", just blue.

- the uniforms are the simplest in all the land - plain white helmets, plain blue shirts, plain white pants. if you shop for penn state souvenirs, they are all found in the generic products aisle.

- Penn State's official name is The Pennsylvania State University but it is known as Penn State and, unlike THE Ohio State University, does not insist the word "the" be pronounced.

- in fact, the only interesting brand asset penn state has is its mascot. in keeping with the tradition of live mascots such as Uga (the bulldog at georgia), Ralphie (the buffalo at colorado), and Traveller (the horse at usc), penn state's mascot is joe paterno.

- it is a loosely guarded secret that, in various locations throughout pennsylvania, there are 3 more generations of joe paternos, in the unlikely event that something happens to the original one.

prediction: the Beloved Spartans are already bowl eligible, and once you're eligible for the PizzaPizzaBowl, really, where's the motivation? penn state by a lot.

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