battle of the sexy pilgrims (and who ever thought that would be a title?)

last night during our running group, a rep for Muscle Milk was giving away godawful-looking pilgrim-themed running shirts. we took as many as we could carry because, at a minimum, it's getting to be winter and i know how well technical running shirts work as kindling. (long story.) the back of the shirt had a URL - sexypilgrim.com. i went to the website because it's my job. once there, i discovered... well, it was kind of a website. actually, it was a TV spot that ran really really long, oh and a coupon. but for the most part, it was the kind of site that takes the "interactive" out of interactive.

i then hopped online to see what kind of buzz it was attracting, and lo and behold, i noticed PETA is launching their own sexy pilgrims effort during thanksgiving. in a probable nod to halloween, women are dressing in their skimpiest pilgrim outfits and handing out tofurkeys at various grocery stores.

in the battle for PR attention, in spite of a disappointing online experience, the clear winner was Muscle Milk, whose sexy pilgrim accosted the governor of california for a publicity shot. maybe it's because PETA is constantly crying for attention. maybe it's because PETA's Sexy Pilgrim looks a lot like a Repressed Pilgrim. or maybe it's because meat's just really really good.

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