creepiness in lincoln square

it was getting to be nightfall in chicago's german neighborhood of lincoln square, when i came across this friendly bear who offered me a beer. the beer was delicious, even though the bear turned out to be lacking in the Conversation Department. so i finished up quickly and went off to explore more of the neighborhood when, who did i run into a mere block away?

yup, as you can see it's the very same bear, but in an entirely different outfit. i smiled, but he didn't really even seem to recognize me. it was a bit unsettling, so i picked up the pace, came around a corner, and ran into this:

i could see from the pinstriped suit and crazed look in his eyes he was no longer in the cheerful, beer-serving mood. this time, i backed away slowly and prepared to "stop, drop and roll" just like i saw in the safety videos when i was a kid. i kept backing up until i could no longer see the whites of his eyes. as i headed south on western, i thought i was finally safe when suddenly, i hear a loud growl.

i ran south on lincoln as fast as i could (which wasn't fast, but still). i would like to visit lincoln square again, but next time, i'm bringing a can of Bear-B-Gone.


Megan Colleen said...

I just had no idea how cool my hood is until I read your post!

15 ideas said...

side streets, megan. side streets.