the eleventh consecutive first in a series of one

gosh, it's the second-to-last week of the football season already. or as we say in east lansing, "hooray, basketball's back!"

Michigan State at Purdue
Opponent's Marketing Overview:

while i still contend that notre dame is the finest marketing story in the college category, purdue does an admirable job.

- google purdue, and the first result that comes up is a map of west lafayette, which is particularly helpful because even residents of east lafayette aren't exactly sure where west lafayette is.

- the second result that comes up is the school's website. its description? "home of the Boilermakers, alma mater of the first and last men to walk on the moon." damn, that's impressive. every school has something unique about it. theirs just happens to be one of the most impressive human feats ever.

- sticking to its engineering roots, the football team was originally known as the "Purdue eleven." Purdue has had a most interesting series of nicknames since: grangers, pumpkin-shuckers, railsplitters, cornfield sailors, blacksmiths, and the foundry hands before landing on boilermakers. (note, not a "wildcat" among them.)

- its official mascot is a locomotive. (i'm not making that up.) its unofficial mascot is Purdue Pete, shown here pondering exactly what or whom he should hit with his hammer.

- the band has its own mascots. there's the Golden Girl (no relation to bea arthur), the Silver Twins (aka the "girls who didn't win Golden Girl's position") and the Woman in Black. my limited experience with girls who play the Woman in Black is that, while they appear surly and mysterious, they are in fact quite friendly and often randy.

- finally, in a marketing claim of Trumpian proportions, purdue has the "world's largest drum." it is widely believed to be the world's second largest drum (behind the university of texas' drum, naturally), but like a good marketer, they're not letting truth get in the way of a good story. on the contrary, according to their website, the exact measurements of the drum are a closely held secret of the drum crew. shhhhhh. wouldn't want THAT getting out.

Prediction: marketing-wise, purdue has a clear stranglehold over the Beloved Spartans. and MSU doesn't do well in west lafayette, in large part because they can't find the town. still, the spartans aren't ready to focus on hoops just yet. MSU by 3.14.

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