i need a jacket, not an ad

i'm having a hard time getting into this winter. maybe winter needs a marketing campaign or something because here it is, late november, and i'm just now thinking i need a coat.

as most people who've met me can attest, i go clothes shopping maybe once every 5 years whether i need to or not. so i was looking for a coat that would last, and i landed on north face because someday very soon, i may take up climbing ice formations and i'll need something to wear. the only issue i had with the coat i selected is the logo. it's huge. like, i-couldn't-fit-it-all-in-the-camera-lens-huge.

you'd think a marketing guy would be more accepting of wearing brand logos, but i'm not. in fact, a lot of people aren't. i wouldn't walk around in a jacket with my own name on a patch. why would you think i'd want one with yours?

brands that make or do something well get the credit they deserve. they don't have to shout it.

a post-script to the jacket shopping: i found a different north face jacket with a small, same-color logo down on the sleeve. the upside is, i no longer feel like a guy wearing one of those sandwich boards hawking suits for sale at up to 80% off. the downside is, it's a slightly thinner jacket, so i can only climb to elevations of 15,000 feet before i need a second layer.

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