an inside look at Lincoln Square

feeling guilty about my recent oh-so-late discovery of the south halsted art gallery neighborhood, i've vowed to dig a little deeper into other chicago neighborhoods, just so i'm missing less. today, i headed off to spend some time in Lincoln Square, which is a heavily German neighborhood on the northwest side of chicago. sure, i've been up and down lincoln avenue, but not the side streets. ah, the side streets - they always tell better stories than the main thoroughfares. it's here where you really see the depths of the german roots, as all signage is in the mother tongue (see example below). wonder if i could even find someone who serves schnitzel.


verbal space said...

here is born a new berlin! in spanish, too! pretty. damn. funny.

speck said...

I suggest.....Montrose Bar. Ah...or go into the Sunnyside Bar if it's still open.