lessons in uncomfortableness

we marketing folk always say, "a brand has to connect at every touch point." then we show a bunch of TV storyboards, but that's a discussion for another day.

the saying is right, however. a brand's promise can be conveyed by marketing, but it's often delivered by employees. which is why last weekend's visit to jewel (and by extension, osco) was so awkward.

it was a quiet saturday morning, and i'd just run in for one item when, over the PA, an announcement came on that clearly should have been saved for a pre-shift discussion:

"attention, jewel osco employees. our target score for today is 70. right now, we're at 56. we need to do a better job! we need to get engaged, everyone! come on, get engaged!"

it was like i'd stumbled onto the set of The Office. the employees were embarrassed, and the people shopping were embarrassed for them. at the time of the announcement, one of the employees was in the back checking to see if they had any pumpkins for me.

they didn't.

though i haven't heard the official announcement, i'm guessing their score's now at 55.


vinny warren said...

wow! just like the office.

nice blog man. keep doing it.

15 ideas said...

surely you have better things to do than spend it here, vinny.

if any of you three readers haven't seen vinny's blog, it's quite entertaining: http://theescapepod.wordpress.com/ (my favorite was the runaway horse and carriage down the streets of NY.) i keep waiting for vinny to run out of stories, but like a good irishman, i don't think he will.