a long driveway to a small house

having been involved in hotel marketing over the last couple years, i pay a disproportionate amount of attention to hotel ads. but even if i didn't, the Morgans Group effort over the past few months would've caught my eye. its tag: "the world needs interesting." how very true, and right for the brand as well. they do a lot of marketing-like things well, including some of the better websites in the category (the Standard site is my favorite), and if i had the wardrobe, i would stay there more often.

but alas, they have a dud in the system - the ad shown here. it has a QR code which is a bit of a pain, but because their communications are generally rewarding, i took the time to scan. or tried to scan. turns out, i had the wrong scanning app. (you know how far we've all come when your phone has 2 different scanning apps, but just not the right scanning app.) anyway, i downloaded the right scanning app, only to come to the same page i would've gotten to, had i just typed in the URL - a page with specials on it.

the specials were fine, mind you, but disappointing after all the trouble. if our marketing requires people to put in a bit of effort, it has to be rewarded.

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