second impressions matter a lot too

so the latest iPhone killer was introduced last week, motorola's Droid. it was introduced through what i thought was a really smart TV spot aping the ubiquitous apple commercials.
the spot did a nice job of picking on the issues people have with the iPhone. so i signed up for email updates, to see how well the intelligence and tone was carried through the rest of the campaign. the first email sent after the product launched had this as the opening sentence:

"The phone that makes you feel like a four star general with natural charisma, twelve arms, and the power of mind control is here and is ready to serve."

i wish the email writer would've met the TV commercial writer. i think it would've helped.


Janay said...

Sadly, I don't think either of them have met the print writer, either.

15 ideas said...

and in hindsight, it's likely none of them would've gotten along.