this post talks about stage names... eventually

as someone who finds it important to do things that are uncomfortable, i found myself in a tux last night. it was the annual Chicago Children's Museum fundraiser. sample auction item: a european couture trip, complete with a stay in paris during fashion week and a 4 day stay at ferragamo's private retreat in italy. (i'm told that's ferragamo the shoe designer, not vince ferragamo, the quarterback who led the LA rams to the superbowl in '79.)

we were outbid.

the fundraiser ended early and, in my belief that everything seems more fun if you're wearing a tux (or kilt for that matter), we headed off to a bar to see a band fronted by one of my coworkers as a nightcap.

as you see from the incredibly detailed photo, the stage lighting consisted of an exit sign. other elements of the bar included a pig roast, a belly dancer, a rastafarian DJ, and it was apparently someone's birthday party.

my favorite part was the band, the Wabash Cannonballs, who sing songs you and i would sing if our mothers had never taught us better. my cohort even has a stage name, Gary Camaro. and while he acts identical on stage as he does at work, just the fact that he was using a different name gave him a cool factor unattainable by we birth name users. i have an indian name ("Talks With Smirk") but not a stage name, and i'm thinking it's about time i get one. i've hired Peter Arnell, just to make sure i get the branding right. i'll let you know how it goes.

in the meantime, the next Wabash Cannonballs show is this sunday at Martyr's on lincoln. it's "Hangover From Hell Bloody Mary Contest." assuming i will have slipped into my nom de plume by then, perhaps i'll need a bloody.

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