what's more convenient than your computer?

i recently heard a good term from the CEO of the agency i work at: "random acts of marketing."

the term came to mind when i saw eBay bring its truck - sorry, mobile boutique (shown here, but not as actual size) - to the front of the building where i work today. the notion, according to one of the workers, was to make shopping at eBay more convenient. to support the truck, eBay has a special holiday website where you can follow the mobile boutique tour, which seems like an absurd notion until you recall how many people followed Phish.

even with the digital component, it seems disconnected to the brand, or at least the brand's challenges. based on the flow of people (2 workers to every shopper), i'm guessing "convenience" isn't the hurdle that eBay needs to help shoppers get over.

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