the art institute's Red Cube Project Cube-Up

so last week, i was grandstanding about the cool project we launched for the art institute, where we placed 500 cubes in various parts of the city for people to find - each with its own art project.

the project seems to be going along swimmingly. cube pictures have come in from st. louis, new jersey, and soon seattle and japan. one cube is being used in a band performance tonight, and another has been touched by dozens of chicagoans. and as you'd expect with an art project, some people are making up their own rules, like the guy who's using his cube as a fundraiser for the homeless.

if you happened to have found a cube or know someone who has, please let them know about the Cube Up someone's organized at Pioneer Court (405 north michigan) this monday, december 14th at 2 p.m. the woman who organized it is steph yiu. you can read details here, or read about how her cube is better than yours, bitches, right here.

and don't forget, if you haven't found a cube, you can always download the 501st cube here.

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