customized marketing

in october (or "rocktober" as they call it on 97X - BAM! The Future of Rock n Roll), i wrote a post about the new victoria's secret campaign which asked, "what's sexy chicago?" pointing out that such "customized" messages usually come off as inauthentic and patronizing. i guess i should've written that customized messages can also make the target market feel, well, targeted.

i saw this poster last month in wayne county, michigan. like most of michigan, wayne county has been hit with high unemployment, a plummeting housing market, and a rash of stone geese statues wearing santa outfits. thanks to this poster, the people of wayne county are now also accused of being dirty.

not sure why the need to call them out specifically. is there a downside to non-wayne county residents washing their hands? a limited soap budget? something county residents have been doing that the rest of us don't know about? it's not like residents wouldn't know who paid for the posters, thanks to the ready-for-billboards-sized Wayne County logo.

whatever the case may be, residents of wayne county, CHICAGO thanks you for the soap and water.

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