an early frontrunner for a Murkie Award

i can tell by the monotonous sounds of the salvation army bell ringers that it's getting to be the end of the year, which means it's almost time to hand out our annual Murkie Awards.

for the benefit of the one new reader we gained in aught-nine, i'll 'splain: the Murkie Awards are so-named because, like all other award shows in advertising, after a few weeks have passed, everyone's memory of who won what is a little murky.

this year has been a boon for good ideas, but my favorite one recently is a grassroots movement out of california: in reaction to the state banning gay marriages, california resident john marcotte has started a petition to ban divorce. as the petition reads, "Divorce makes a mockery of marriage, and degrades the institution completely. It destroys children and encourages them to be future divorcees."

as a marketing communication, it lacks a good headline, has no logo, and offers up nada in the way of an online experience. but this simple twist in logic has garnered the effort thousands of signatures as well as nationwide news coverage, all while making a very smart point. this judge is seriously considering a thumbs up in Murkie voting.

p.s. on a related note, the picture above is merely representative of the Murkie Awards - it's some sort of object shrouded in fog. if someone wishes to design a physical Murkie Award, i am currently accepting submissions. it would be nice to give the winners something. after all, what good is an award if you don't get to show it off to people who could care less?

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