fun from the day job

i've been a pretty irregular poster recently, partially because as part of Operation:Sabotage, i was interviewing for the head coaching position at notre dame. and partially because it's been a bit busy in the day job.

now, normally i try to keep the 15 ideas blog and the day job as far apart as Elin Nordegren and Jaimee Grubbs, but one of our more labor-intensive projects broke this morning, and i'm kinda too geeked not to mention it: the Red Cube Project.

to celebrate the Art Institute of Chicago's new season, 500 Ways of Looking at Modern, we're dropping 500 red cubes throughout Chicago - each with its own art project. the best of these art projects will be part of a special display within the Art Institute in spring 2010.

there are so many cool components, it's hard to even summarize. smart strategy, solid social media efforts, oversized interactive installations, great media partner tie-ins, oh and a traditional ad or two thrown in for good measure.

the cubes began being dropped this morning, and the photo above was the first one posted, right around sunrise (posted by a Jeffery Petrich, if you must know). keep your eye open for a cube, or go to the website at 500-Ways.com and make your own.

thanks to the many, many folks who helped bring this one to life. fun, fun stuff.

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