live from silvie's

is a weekend really considered a weekend if you don't have a good story to tell? obviously, the answer is subjective, but the correct answer is no. this weekend's story came early.

one of the art institute's red cubes, #197 (yes, the Red Cube Project again) gave the instructions, "make music with your cube." the finder of cube #197 coincidentally happened to be in a band called Chameleon World, and promised to use it as part of their upcoming show at Silvie's. you can recognize Silvie's two ways: 1) by the sign outside which says "Silvie's." 2) just look for the bartender who's so slow, she brought a book to read while working.

in spite of the location, i went to see the show, figuring it would make a good video for the art institute's special Red Cube Project display this spring. i never saw the cube, but i did catch this little ditty on video, which might've been even better than a cube sighting. well, certainly more memorable. enjoy.

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gstopp said...

brilliant. I'm speechless because of the brilliance