modern day norman rockwell

today is one of my favorite days of the year. it's the day we bring home the christmas tree. (if you're offended by christmas, assume i said "holiday tree." if you're offended by trees, assume i said "holiday topiary.")

for as many years as i can remember, we've woken up on the first weekend after thanksgiving, piled into the car, and headed out to enshroud ourselves in holiday spirit and fresh cut pine... at the Home Depot on north avenue.

unlike el trains (i'd link to yesterday's post, but scrolling is fun), home depot does nothing out of the ordinary to make our spirits bright. but we've been doing it so long, it's become every bit as romantic as trudging through a snow-covered field in michigan to cut down our own.

btw, ftr, and fwiw, both trees in the foreground are ours. we always buy two because i once got a D in forestry, and getting a bad grade in forestry leaves very few venues for revenge.

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