more holiday fun

so after our romantic getaway to home depot yesterday, we got home to discover our 4 strands of christmas lights were, when lit, a half a strand of lights. i had an idea, and while i suspected it wasn't an original idea, i didn't know how unoriginal it was:

i would go to target and get more lights.

as you see from the completely unstaged photo, there was one set of lights and one box of (i believe) mini edible wreaths. the lights left were all purple. this month (again, i believe) is Foot Bunion Awareness Month, so i assumed the purple lights were tied into raising awareness of foot bunions. having feet that are soft as baby's bums, i left the purple lights on the shelf.

my only other choice was to buy the icicle-type lights that hang on shingles of houses. we were looking for lights to hang in a couple christmas trees, so the only way the icicle lights would make sense is if the trees did a Poseidon Adventure and ended up upside down.

i bought the icicle lights.

the overall experience, however, left me thinking that when it comes to the holidays, target is the anti-home depot.

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