the real tragedy of tiger woods

with all the attention surrounding tiger woods and his favorite... um... courses, the spotlight has revealed a sad but undeniable truth about the world's greatest golfer:

tiger woods doesn't make very good ads.

he's the quintessential paid spokesperson - rarely interacting with the product, and rarely showing any form of believable emotion. you know it's bad when even the illustrated version of your spokesperson is unable to show emotion.

if we've learned anything in this whole mess (and we have - we've learned what it takes to distract an entire nation), it's that when you choose a celebrity spokesperson for your marketing, do your due diligence. and make sure they'll make good ads.


Anonymous said...

The greatest ad spokesman of all time is Peyton Manning. This cannot be disputed.

15 ideas said...

peyton has the acting range of keanu reeves. the people who should be applauded are the marketers who continue to find different scenarios for the exact same character.

the exception is the sportscenter spot with he and eli. the kick at the end was epic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIbq0PdWWsg