SPONSORED POST: Send a Card, Save a Tree with Stella Artois

Send a card, save a tree: Stella Artois, The Beer for Illinois™, launches an augmented reality ecard to save a rainforest in Argentina.

The "Send a Card, Save a Tree" campaign offers everyone who cares about 1) beer and 2) the world's rainforests, the opportunity to send a free, augmented reality Christmas eCard.

For every eCard sent, Stella Artois will secure the future of a rainforest tree located in the threatened Atlantic Rainforest in Misiones, Argentina, through the World Land Trust.

The goal is to save one million trees before Christmas Day, so get sending!
To use the website and send an eCard you must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence.

PLEASE NOTE: Stella Artois is an official sponsor of the 15 ideas blog.

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Amanda said...

this kinda reminds me of www.WrapUpHappy.com only that one benefits the Boys + Girls Clubs of America. Each view results in a $1 donation. Pretty sweet.