welcome to the resting place of the gods

until earlier this year, i had the pleasure of working on a really exciting brand from scratch - the Elysian hotel. impressive people, incredibly high standards, and a simple, inspiring mission that helps guide all actions and decisions: "create the world's most remarkable hotel experience." our work ranged from interactive construction signage to an employee brand guide, with a few ads thrown in for good measure.

the hotel had its long-awaited debut last week, and it was every bit as cool as the designers at simeone deary said it would be.

from the snacks at the bar (spanish almonds and addictive potato chips, along with olives if you're into that kind of thing) to the menu at the restaurant (we hit balsan, named for √Čtienne Balsan, a lover of coco chanel) to the amazing lobby, i give a completely biased thumbs up.

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