you won't believe this...

back in, oh, say june 7th, 2009, there was a post on this blog about quirky characters (or "personal brands") around chicago. the first featured was ray st. ray, aka the singing cabdriver. (you can learn more about him on his website. surprisingly, the URL singingcabdriver.com was available.) last night, i hopped into a cab in the german enclave of lincoln square and who's my driver? ray st. ray.

that's not the weird part.

the weird part is that, after he sang his song, i suggested he start a band. "i DO have a band. we just had a show friday night at silvie's."

in the words of scoobie doo, "whadahuh?"

little did i know the band i went to see because of the red cube finder (see the post and video from a couple days ago) was actually fronted by the singing cabdriver. and now, 4 days later, here i am getting serenaded by him again.

chicago is sometimes described as "the biggest small town in america." last night was a great example of that.


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just one of the many, many reasons i like that whole cube thingie.