the danger of speaking marketingese

i like marketing, in large part because i'm pretty sure it's the only thing i have the talent for. but even though i've been doing this for 20 years, i don't really speak the language of the industry very well. that's actually on purpose.

the language of the industry is called Marketingese, and the definition is, "a set of terms and abbreviations used by marketing practitioners for the purpose of trying to impress fellow marketing practitioners. these terms and abbreviations are identifiable by their absence of human emotion."

the more we speak marketingese, the less we speak the language of the folks we're trying to reach, and the less effective our communications are.

what's that, you ask? you'd like to see a perfect example of what i mean? gosh, i really wasn't prepared for... wait, i think i have something in my pocket here. yes, take a look at this outdoor ad i saw last week:

the ad depicts a husband and wife approaching a bed, and the headline reads, "welcome back." the ad is signed off, "sereno - the center for snoring solutions™."

yes, the ™ is actually there, as if anyone would ever steal the term "snoring solutions."

ok, maybe another marketer would steal the term. but a person? a real human being would never say they're looking for even one snoring solution, much less a whole center of them.

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