the end

i'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that just about every day for the past year, i've written a haiku about life in a snuggie. it was one of those joke ideas which, in hindsight, wasn't even funny a week later, much less a year later. but as a testament to the power of Irish stubbornness, i kept it up a whole year, and finished the last post yesterday.

along the way, i came to admire snuggie's marketing approach. a similar product had been around for years (and even had a better name - the Slanket). but they didn't have the cheesy, godawful commercial that introduced the snuggie during the holidays in 2008.

the spot created conversation, sure. but what the marketer did next was what many marketers have a hard time doing: they embraced the negative reaction. not only embraced it, but fanned it. they allowed people to grab national attention by organizing snuggie pub crawls. they introduced snuggies for pets and "fashion" snuggies such as leopard skin prints. they licensed the snuggie to college and pro teams, knowing they'd be mocked all along. they even let subaru use their commercial as an example of How To Not Live Your Life. heck, they even let weezer have their own version (the Wuggie, of course).

smart marketing or not, i'm glad to be rid of my daily chore. surely, we'll be launching other projects in the future. ideally, they'll be more socially redeeming (or at least funnier) than this was.

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