greetings from paradise

there was a bit of fun had during the holiday break. the highlight was a tour around the upper peninsula of michigan. our travel criteria was, we could only stop in places where we'd never been. that included places such as Paradise, Michigan. in the summer, the population is 445. in the winter it's, like, 5 including us. if you visit, check out the Yukon, a bar built in 1835 - far as we could tell, it still employs the original bartender. the picture above and to the left is from nearby tahquamenon falls, and that's exactly how it looked. the only thing you can't see is me shivering and cursing the plan to stop in places where we hadn't been. damn rules.

far as branding goes, there were some entertaining small-town examples. all the photos are still being developed. i'll share as soon as i pick them up.

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