hidden brand assets

i'm of the belief that just about every brand has assets that people love, but because those particular assets aren't directly connected to selling stuff, they don't get utilized.

this might not be the best example in the world (and by that, i mean this is NOT the best example in the world), but sitting in the front or back of a CTA train is constantly mesmerizing. even underground. highlighting that experience (videos? elite section of the train reserved for kids? etc) won't necessarily sell tickets tomorrow. but if it helps make a stronger emotional connection to the CTA, it will eventually.


Grover said...

I spent the majority of the holiday break killing time with my son on the CTA. He loved every minute of it, especially the germs. Best $2.25 I ever spent.

15 ideas said...

nice! my favorite cheap distraction was always taking my kid to the pet store and having her watch "Fish TV." i even explained it was a taped TV show running in the tank, and we were just watching reruns. ("oh daddy, i think we've seen this one before...") someday, all that BS is going to bite back. hard.