a history of consistency

if michigan's economy doesn't rebound soon, i'm no longer blaming the auto industry. instead, i'm blaming my alma mater's athletic department.

they're the ones who have committed the egregious and highly distracting error of wanting to change the official michigan state logo. as far as marketing mistakes go, this will no doubt rank just above the introduction of New Coke.

since the logo was leaked earlier this week, it has become a focal point of discussion among Beloved Spartan alums everywhere on message boards, in the press, and of course on social media networks. (the facebook group protesting the logo has over 15,000 members). it seems to be the work of nike, a company that's never been known for its marketing.

any change to the michigan state uniform would be like adding arms to the Venus de Milo. just thinking of the football helmets alone, they haven't changed since...

well yes, there was the classic block S. gosh, we used that helmet forever.

oh yeah, before that, it was the spartan profile or, as I call it now, the Endangered Spartan. but see, we Beloved Spartans understand tradition, so our current logo is really our old logo, except the stripes are different and the green is a different shade and the green paint is sparkly.

ok, so we have a history of subtle changes. sue us. besides, the green facemask looks a lot more intimidating.

and numbers. numbers are also very intimidating. you can say the Beloved Spartans have been inconsistent in design, but we've been very consistent in being intimidating.

alright, so the Flowery Spartan wasn't particularly intimidating. but it was the early 70's. we were coming off tumultuous times on college campuses. anything we could do to foster a peaceful atmosphere should be celebrated, not mocked.

oh come now, it was our anniversary year. that doesn't count.

ah, the original spartan on the helmet. pre-Nike Spartan. pre-Flowery Spartan. pre-premiere of the movie 300. it was small, but it spoke volumes.

alright, that wasn't so much a change, really. it was a modification. not so much fluff around the edges. other than that, the Beloved Spartans have been consistent in ther helmet design.

didn't we talk about numbers being intimidating? ok then. that's why we always used numbers on our helmets.

except when we didn't. our white helmets were only used for a couple games, so again, it should not count as being inconsistent.

come now. it was our first helmet. no one had much of a design on their helmets in the 1940s.

shut up.

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