marketing convos from real people

over new year's weekend, i hung out with the usual menagerie of my closest friends. they're my closest friends because 1) they're awful fun to be around and, perhaps more importantly, 2) none of them are in marketing.

so when they go gaga (the emotion, not the singer) over a brand, it's a lot more credible than if it came from a bunch of marketing wankers like myself. such was the case when the bottle of Hendrick's gin came out.

the brand is all about being an "unusual gin" and it's carried over so consistently, from the apothecary-style bottle to the story of the characters behind it to the simple, appropriately named blog, The Unusual Times. the work was done by philadelphia agency gyro, who must've caught the unusual bug themselves, as the agency is now called the Quaker City Mercantile.

my friends loved the bottle, asked about the credibility of the gin's history, and as my friends are wont to do, enjoyed the product. a lot.

it was nice to start the year with an authentic observation about the power of god marketing. (or, spelled correctly, "good" marketing.)

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