sponsoring something tangible

i saw this sign and immediately thought of 7-Eleven.

perhaps an explanation would help.

last year, as part of the chicago white sox' sponsorship deal with 7-Eleven, the sox changed the start time of their night games to 7:11 pm. i thought it was one of the best sponsorships i'd come across. it wasn't just a company slapping its name on a program, it was creating change in the product or event itself.

which brings us to the sign. i thought it was cool. not the "Victory Gardens Theater" part. lower.

no, not the "blue door 11:11" part. lower.

there. the sponsorship part. as with most theaters, Victory Gardens has prominent sponsors, but instead of simply slapping its name on the sign, ComEd tied its sponsorship to something tangible - that is, the lighting. an appropriate sponsorship for an electric company, i'd say.

i'd have tipped my hat, but it was cold enough just taking the picture.

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