still a little weird, still in a good way

one of the things i love most about traveling is, you can wear the same clothes you did the day before without anyone knowing.

another thing i love most is seeing stuff i hadn't seen before, and that's where austin, texas comes in. i'm judging an award show here over the next few days, and had a bit of time to explore a few bands last night. (favorite venue so far: the elephant room.) talking with the locals, i was reminded just how smart the "Keep Austin Weird" marketing effort captures this town's psyche. they could've said "buy local." just as nike could've said, "buy these shoes."

instead, they said the same thing as other cities, but in a way that's memorable, ownable, and appropriate for the brand.

of course, the slogan was so memorable, it spawned imitators and parodies. my favorite is from a town called Round Rock, just north of Austin. Its version: Keep Round Rock Mildly Unusual


Jason said...

Don't forget: Keep Dallas Shallow (t-shirt available at http://www.printfection.com/shop?sb=1&keywords=keep+dallas+shallow).

15 ideas said...

yes, of course. keep Dallas shallow. any idea where I can buy a tshirt with that slogan?