timing is everything

in the Aren't-You-A-Bit-Late? Dept:

i'd like to be the last person to point out the hypocrisy of Taco Bell's drive-thru diet. this coming from the brand that is trying to convince us all we should have a fourth meal each day (a goal i have admittedly often achieved). while it's advantageous to have your brand stand for something, it should be noted that having your brand stand for two things does NOT make your brand twice as strong.

on another note, northwest airlines lost a significant branding opportunity when their passengers kicked some bomb-lighting ass on christmas day. the reason? the plane says "delta." as a result, local detroit press called it "A Delta-Northwest plane." ABC News said it was "Northwest Airlines flight 253 -- operated on a Delta airplane." the associated press tried to explain further: "Delta, which is acquiring Northwest..."

the incident could've finally given northwest something to hang their brand on besides "the airline that lost my bag in minneapolis once." instead, it's a muddled mess.

have we learned nothing from US Air and Chesley Sullenberger?

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