yapping elsewhere

recently, some old cohorts of mine asked to do a Q+A for their agency blog, the Big Orange Slide. the thing that amazed me was the treatment i received. they flew me to toronto first class, and put me up at the Four Seasons on Bloor. honestly, they could've just emailed the damn questions. if they ever ask you to participate, i highly recommend the Shiatsu massage at the hotel spa.

you can check out the interview here. if you're one of those speed readers and didn't get a chance to stop in the previous sentence, i've also linked it here. the answers are not so much answers as they are a set of pearls, really.

ok, truth be told, the rest of their blog reads far better. check it out.


Ian Mackenzie said...

Did you get the follow-up thank-you package we sent? I hope the apricot foot scrub is the right brand.

Jokes aside, thanks for sharing your advertising awesome at Big Orange Slide. And just in case your readers missed the four links to our blog in your post, here's another one.

15 ideas said...

during the pre-screening process (i forget which stage), i DISTINCTLY remember mentioning my apricot allergy. but honestly, ian, you guys did everything else so well, i thought it best to let it slide.

thanks again.