blue jeans, 2002-2010

other than an authentic concert t-shirt from Rush's Moving Pictures tour in 1981, is there a piece of clothing that creates a stronger personal connection than a pair of blue jeans? long after these jeans became inappropriate for client presentations, church, and Co-Dependence Anonymous meetings, they remained a staple in my limited and monochromatic wardrobe. i even grew attached to the broken zipper. sure, it was embarrassing, but it was also a great way to meet people.

yesterday, the hole in one leg became bigger than the material left, which means it was officially time to throw these out and get a new pair.

looking at jeans ads, it's interesting to see jeans marketers aren't really taking advantage of the connection people have with their products. the exception being j. peterman, which specializes in fictional but well-written connections. (really? i can buy woody guthrie's jeans?!?)

most product categories would love for their product to have the bond that jeans create. seems like a real missed opportunity, no?

p.s. pardon the blurriness of the picture. it's hard to hold a camera still when you're crying really hard.


Anonymous said...

RIP, just like your plastic MSU cup! Thank god.

15 ideas said...

please stop talking to me.